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Electric Scooter

350W Power, 15.5 Mph Top Speed
Electric Bike, 26" x 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults, 48V 1000W 13Ah Electric Mountain Bike Electric Bike, 26" x 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults, 48V 1000W 13Ah Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Bike

27 MPH/ 68 Miles, 7 Speed Gears
Mountain Electric Bikes -Electric Dirt Bike with Dual Shock Absorber Electric Bike, 1000W Motor-Mountain Electric Bikes -Electric Dirt Bike with Dual Shock Absorber
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Electric Bike for Adults, 20" Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bikes,Electric Dirt Bike with Dual Shock Absorber Electric Bike for Adults, 20" Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bikes,Electric Dirt Bike with Dual Shock Absorber
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Electric Bike-Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bikes-Ailife X20B

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Well let me be the very first to say that the service I got from the company is over the top....my bike was late but they did take care of me I was in contact with them everyday and they after I had sent them a message they would get back to me every single time...now the bike is awesome I have 4 e-bikes and by far this is my favorite it's fast it's not heavy and the battery last on full throttle about 30 miles I'm a big guy around 225 and this bike has no problem getting me wherever I need to go and I have had so many people ask me about the bike I've told people about that bike no less than 50 times and I do love riding it to I have more than one I have 4 if them and one scooter but I would not hesitate to buy from "long rich technology" again the customer service like I mentioned is the best that I've dealt with ever....so any one thinking about buying this bike dont u wil not be sorry...l

Jarrod L.
United States

I purchased this phone holder for my bike. I was surprised at how deep the holding corners are my phone fits with the cover on!
Also it is easy to open and very easy to adjust the mount and turn the holder around to whatever position you want.
I wish the mounting bracket would fit my Goldwing but it does fit my Kawasaki! I can also charge it and don't need to remove from the mount. So it is great! I love it! Thanks ☺️

United States

Easy to use,quick ,fun and long lasting excitement from a bike riders experience.... it's amazing.... about 3weeks later.. I great buy . Best bang for your bucks!$$$$ super comfortable with nice shocks . Batter life can always be better but that's because I ride it for multiple hours at a time... doesn't need to be fully charged every day..... it depends on how long after a ride your taking... great choice

United States

This scooter was beyond my surprise after receiving it, the appearance is very good-looking and special. The tires are also sturdy and more shock-absorbing and anti-shake than the scooters I've bought before. Compared to other scooters, when I go uphill, it is really faster, it can reach 15 miles per hour perfectly, while other scooters may not reach the advertised speed. Its weight limit is 260 pounds, my weight is 190 pounds, and the ride is completely stress-free. It is also very lightweight, so it can be easily folded and carried.

United States

Bought r 2 egular 26inch 1.95 tires e bikes with 3 DIY conversion kits past 3 years. I caught a new release product ad page of searching to buy a fat tire e bike. Models or frames mostly 1 piece frame with just the front forks shock absorbers with only 3 to 4 models or frames with triple shocks ( 2 in forks and 1 under seat next to cranks. This AIilife X26B was 1 of 2 brands that had at least a1000watt motor with triple shock absorbers of being the best priced value of the 1k$ range. Believe I was first buyer ( my sister bought me the bike but as a loan to pay back) and ordered next day with bike arriving 5 days later. It looks Tonka Tuff as buck,lol. It has a signal light device box next to power on device on handle bars with the left, right turn signal along with the horn which is a must always to ride alive. The 3rd shock absorber is the vertical position which is for constant bumps over the horizontal shocks that reacts to more downhill riding comfort. Vertical shocks for flat rides of constant comfort when commuting. Shocks are big. The front forks has adjustable lock outs when needing to have cargo in front or bearing extra weight. Don't mind my decals, they just keep me on basis with my energy levels of motivation and enthusiastic to use those bike as my new car,lol. I can't drive cars anymore so these e bikes a great option from bussing.
Performance is a power motor with much torque as it has a boost mode on the PAS in beginning of peddling of a sudden boost as it works well going uphill from using throttle. Ebike is more intermediate over a novice or beginning rider for changing the preference settings to the right adjustments you will have. Brakes mechanical but works well and little adjusting as the brake and handle bars are slick and appealing of a step up from the lesser priced ebikes. Another benefit I forgot to mentioned when you grip on brakes the brake light in back with signal of stopping with left and right turn signals as well. The value of price is worth the buy.

United States

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