Accessories for electric bicycles

There are many kinds of accessories for electric bicycles (E-bikes), which can improve the comfort and safety of riding, or increase the functionality of the bicycle. Here are some common e-bike accessories:

Battery and Charger:

The e-bike's battery is its core component, and having spare batteries and chargers can extend your riding range.

Front and Rear Lights: 

Enhance visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions, improving overall riding safety.

Racks and Baskets:

Increase cargo capacity for convenient transportation of items.

Bells and Horns:

Alert other road users to your presence, enhancing safety during rides.

Rearview Mirror:

Improve observation of the rear surroundings, adding an extra layer of safety.

Baskets and Mudguards:

Keep the bike clean and protect against mud splashes.

Bike Computer:

Provide riding data such as speed, distance, and battery level.

Seats and Seat Covers:

Enhance riding comfort, reducing fatigue during extended rides.


Protect the bike from theft.

Bike Frame Covers and Sun Umbrellas:

Shield the bike from harsh weather conditions.

Bike Computer:

Offer riding data like speed, distance, and battery level.

Repair Tools and Spare Tires:

Carry out minor repairs in emergencies to ensure continued riding.

Phone Mount:

Facilitate navigation and hands-free communication.

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Anti-Theft Systems:

Provide additional security measures to protect against theft.

Bike Pedals:

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    This is a comprehensive list, and the actual accessories you choose may depend on your personal needs and riding preferences.